Hacking Your Automotive Service Advisor Career Ladder

Automotive service advisors play a vital role in every retail auto repair shop. Customers look for a point person who will listen to their car issues and will make sure that it will all be taken care off. This is what sets an auto repair shop apart from the others when it comes to customer service. And an automotive service advisor can make or break the flow of satisfied clientele and keep the business growing.

Even Chris Collins, author of Millionaire Service Advisor-A System For Collecting and Caring For Customers and host of the call-in show Business Whisperer, revealed that a step-by-step relationship-based system can increase sales and improve the customer experience.

But becoming a good requires intensive training such as the service advisor training in Canada, commitment and willingness to learn how to handle complaints, process orders, and relay information in a way that both the customers and the technicians will understand.

They can provide services tactfully in person, through phone or by email. While the specific job description of a service advisor varies in each shop or company, he can help generate sales while providing the right and useful information about the services or products.

The career as an automotive service advisor is rewarding. Here are more facts to know before you start your career as a service advisor.


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