Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage Chair

“Zero Gravity” may sound too sci-fi to your taste, but it just means a recliner chair.

Over the years, massage chairs adopted the technology and used it as one of their best features. And who’s to blame when it has wonderful benefits with it?

Defining Zero Gravity 

zero gravity

Since the 1960s, NASA has been sending out astronauts in space. But the more they extend their stay in the outer space, the more they reduce weight and bone density. This is why NASA developed a zero-gravity concept that involved techniques to help astronauts by spreading out their weight and reducing pressure on their joints.

How Zero Gravity Works

Massage chairs adopt the reclining position that allows the astronauts to accelerate towards space without letting gravity affecting their bodies.

As the massage chair goes into zero gravity mode, it distributes your weight evenly. This means there is less pressure on your body.

The chair elevates your legs while keeping your shoulder and head elevated as well. This position is called a Trendelenburg position and is used in hospitals to speed up recovery in patients and reduce pressure sores. This position also allows blood to smoothly return to the heart. 

Health Benefits of Zero Gravity

While the massage chair is in zero gravity, you will feel that your body is suspended in midair. You will feel weightless as your body stops moving against gravity.


Relaxed Muscles

As you enjoy your relaxing massage your legs are elevated. Your weight is evenly distributed and your muscles are relaxed. The massage chair limits tension in your body as it welcomes the soothing massage you prefer. 

Better Breathing

Your lungs depend on various factors and structures to work properly. One of the most important structure is the diaphragm. It is the large muscle that helps the chest expands to let the lungs get filled with air. When you are in a reclined position, the diaphragm is in an optimal position to expand.

Smooth Circulation

Your heart’s right atrium receives blood containing toxins and carbon dioxide faster. Because of this, the right ventricle does not have to work as hard to pump blood in the lungs to get them oxygenated.

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Osaki OS Aster Massage Chair

This high-end massage chair has S, L Tracks. The backrest naturally supports the human body curve. It massages the neck area, lower back, glutes, and upper hamstring. The massages are made more effecting with the zero-gravity feature.

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HoMedics HMC-500 Wellness Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This full-body chair has 7 automatic massage programs: relax, gentle, neck and shoulder, vigorous, lower back, and stretch. These programs combine various massage techniques to give you the best experience while in zero gravity mode.

Bodyfriend Palace II Massage Chair 

This 4D Bodyfriend massage chair is designed to give delicate massive for the small muscles and intensive massage for the knotted big muscles that need more attention. The zero gravity position can be further adjusted to optimize the massage experience.

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

Human Touch Super Novo is more than just an aesthetic massage chair. In fact, it is the first massage chair that has used Alexa to bring the most personalized massage experience a chair can give. You will be asked a couple of questions by a Virtual Therapist. Then the setting will be personalized. If you want to use your personalized program, you simply have to tell Alexa.

Fujimedic Kumo Massage Chair
Fujimedic Kumo has 4D thermal rollers that protrude 3 inches deep. Heat is dispersed from the massage roller like warm hands. It can accurately massage the spine and specific acupoints especially while you are in lying in zero gravity. 

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